Summer Lovin’

Oh summer, how I love thee and your beautiful, bright colors! I need some firefly inspired summer nights, surrounded by my nearest and dearest, every now and then.

Today, we are going to talk about celebrating as a couple before the big day. After all, this is about both of you, not just the bride, right? I absolutely love and advocate for bridal showers and gal pal time, but why not throw a couples shower or engagement party to celebrate this momentous occasion, too?

SummerCouplesEngagementParty{ SMP Pinterest | Completely Delicious | digibuddhaPaperie | Exquisite Weddings Magazine | Green Wedding Shoes }

 This bright and glittery palette just makes me so excited for Summer! The joy of celebrating your love with family and friends as you navigate planning and prepare for the rest of your lives should be palpable and what better way to express that than a cheery, dance worthy afternoon? Those tangerine sorbet champagne floats- just take those four words in, slowly…… That just screams summer cocktail and the citrus deliciousness has me craving one now. I bet it would be great with ginger ale too, if you need!

I love the idea of both, because I love parties and celebrating love. That said, we didn’t host or attend either fete when we were engaged. How many of you had, or will be having, an engagement party or couples shower? Would you recommend that others do so?

xoxo- Jenn


Southern Orchid

The warm Spring wind has not graced us with her presence yet in the Midwest, but our glimpses into sunny days and wonderful afternoon walks have me daydreaming, as always. This weekend, I was desperate for bright colors and warm memories. So, I figured it was my turn to use this year’s Pantone Color of the Year- Radiant Orchid.

How much more cheery and bright can it get? I have to admit, I was not a huge fan of this color choice – I’m still partial to that amazing Emerald from last year. Old habits and loves die hard darlings. However, after giving it a chance and doing a little brainstorming on elegant touches without being over the top, its beauty has grown on me!

southernorchid.jpg{ Prima Seadiva | Intimate Weddings | Polka Dot Bride | SMP | Jet Set Wed | Bridal Guide }

 This amazing door was my inspiration photo this time and it reminds me so much of the beach houses and Rainbow Row in Charleston, but with an orchid twist. When I think warm and relaxing elegance, summers at my grandparents’ is where my mind wanders, so the Palmetto lined ceremony aisle and beachy feeling brings that to life for me.

Have any of you considered using the Color of the Year in your wedding colors? If so, is it a key player or accent?

xoxo- Jenn


Gorgeous Green

How is it already Irish week again? It seems like just a few months ago I was looking for my best pinch saving wardrobe. I’m not sure about y’all, but I love Patty’s Day. Using some Irish fun and gorgeous greens as inspiration, here is a bit of a fresh, springy wedding board for you.


{ GWS | Loverly | Southern Weddings | Inspired By This | Victoria Austin Designs }

This Sage and peachy pink color combo just says romance to me. The outdoor venue and natural elements add such a warm, welcoming and elegant touch to the whole vision. Ok, those flower girls, how beautiful they must feel in those darling skirts (and they certainly look stunning)!! If you are planning a green hued wedding and have not perused Southern Weddings V4 Polo shoot, you are missing out. Go check it out, will you?

I don’t know about you, but nothing screams home, romance and luxe to me like a ceremony aisle lined with blooms and greenery. Those pews just remind me of Sundays spent with family and the love that is bound to surround you in that setting. I could go on forever about this little board. Happy dreaming loves.

What are your favorite colors or holidays for inspiration?

xoxo- Jenn

Goodbye to Summer

Dear Summer,

You were a wonderful season this year- not too hot, but not dreary either. We had some laughs and no burns to be seen (that’s a long awaited first)! Sweet corn and BLT months have passed, but I will welcome them with open arms next year. My long awaited Fall is arriving, so I bid you goodbye… for now. -JL

As our last Summer hurrah, we visited family in Racine, Wisconsin last weekend.  Sadly, the sailing pictures are not very good, as the waves put me out of commission shortly after we hit the water. AJP got some participation points, though.


We waited out a few storms over lunch at the marina and watched a cardboard boat race- that was SO entertaining! If you ever get a change to see one, go. I promise you it will be worth it. We regrouped as the weather cleared and spent a wonderful evening on calmer waters!

lighthouse 1

Before heading home, we stopped out at the Wind Point Lighthouse. I absolutely adore lighthouses, their stories and the picturesque, peaceful settings they are always in. It’s hard to  believe that anything stormy ever happened on those beautiful shores.

lighthouse 2

lighthouse 3

Lastly, we went down to the beach to see the sailboat races. It was the last one of the summer. Too bad it got so overcast and chilly… Still a beautiful sight. We can’t wait to go visit again.

beach 1

beach 2

How are y’all saying your farewells to Summer? Anything specific you will miss?

xoxo- Jenn