Summer Lovin’

Oh summer, how I love thee and your beautiful, bright colors! I need some firefly inspired summer nights, surrounded by my nearest and dearest, every now and then.

Today, we are going to talk about celebrating as a couple before the big day. After all, this is about both of you, not just the bride, right? I absolutely love and advocate for bridal showers and gal pal time, but why not throw a couples shower or engagement party to celebrate this momentous occasion, too?

SummerCouplesEngagementParty{ SMP Pinterest | Completely Delicious | digibuddhaPaperie | Exquisite Weddings Magazine | Green Wedding Shoes }

 This bright and glittery palette just makes me so excited for Summer! The joy of celebrating your love with family and friends as you navigate planning and prepare for the rest of your lives should be palpable and what better way to express that than a cheery, dance worthy afternoon? Those tangerine sorbet champagne floats- just take those four words in, slowly…… That just screams summer cocktail and the citrus deliciousness has me craving one now. I bet it would be great with ginger ale too, if you need!

I love the idea of both, because I love parties and celebrating love. That said, we didn’t host or attend either fete when we were engaged. How many of you had, or will be having, an engagement party or couples shower? Would you recommend that others do so?

xoxo- Jenn


She Leaves a Trail of Glitter

Happy New Year’s Eve Darlings!!


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As we ring in another year, I hope that you are enjoying some amazing festivities and looking forward to a better and brighter 2014! While we will be spending the night in, enjoying some family time and delicious homemade mac-n-cheese from our warm view of the fresh fallen snow, I couldn’t resist dreaming up a glitzy fete!

What a fabulously fresh and bright color palette to ring in the new year! It is joyful, fun and clean– all things that new beginnings represent. That ‘Bubbly Bar’ print from Lily&Val is so fab, I must have one! Of course, you cannot have a NYE party without making some noise and I absolutely adore those gold noise makers, and those mint menus– so pretty. Of course, some bright blooms are necessary to liven things up and accent that amazing glitter gown! How are you celebrating the amazing things in 2013 and welcoming next year?

Let’s do this 2014! You are going to rock!!

xoxo- Jenn

Peachy and Bright

Even though it’s not Tuesday, I couldn’t wait to share this inspiration with you. Last week fired me up like no other. There was so much color around us, laughing, pure joy on every face we encountered and you couldn’t help but do a happy dance every five minutes!

Today’s peach, pink and cheerful inspiration comes from the beautiful colors of sunsets on the beach and the amazing sunlight that flooded through the trees.


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xoxo- Jenn

Except on Party Business


{Burnett’s Boards}

This is exactly the attitude I have going into the weekend, friends! If you want to have a good time, act like a fool and have a party about this amazing thing called LIFE, then come on over!!

This week has been a whirlwind full of love and crazy fun! The past two nights have been spent with my favorite people laughing, chatting, dancing and just enjoying each other’s company. Now, more than ever, I am so aware of the amazing gifts people are in my life. I cannot wait for the fun that this weekend has in store, and maybe a few surprises. You never know what fun things will sprout up along the way.

As I sign off for another social media free weekend, I encourage all of you to join me. I promise that you will welcome Monday with a much more sunny perspective and be so rejuvenated to make big things happen throughout the week. What do you say?

Happy weekend loves!

xoxo- Jenn