Fave 5: Business Edition & a Feature!

Happy Friday indeed, loves!

We are so humbled and excited to be featured on Swooned today. I will post more about that next week, but take a look here!

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With everything we’ve been doing in the HHE office lately, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite tools and references to keep me organized. There are so many things that are helpful in staying organized, but these are my mainstays. Some of these tools are even contributors to some big changes coming up!

Fave 5 Biz

Powersheets: I’d be lost without these lovelies from Lara Casey! They keep me on track and constantly remind me of my core and why I do things. When I feel overwhelmed, these are the pages I turn to, in conjunction with the Word.

Planning Pod: Y’all, I can’t even express how much I love this software/app! I’ve been using it for 3 weeks and every single day it proves more amazing. It keeps everything in one spot, connects my clients with the same information without umpteen email attachments, helps me manage my backend (finances, invoices, proposals, etc.) and even has electronic signature contracts that connect to PayPal! Once I’ve delved in further and have been using it longer, I’ll likely write a full post about it. Serious nerd alert on this one!

Spotify Playlists: You know I love music, it inspires me, helps me focus and is just plain fun. This week I’ve been head over heels for the new Sara Bareilles album, particularly this song, here.

Emily Ley printables: Between the client notes and daily schedule pages, I am able to plan out my days and agendas for meetings with a completely simplified approach. These are wonderful for me to take to consults and client meetings. Along with my Simplified Planner and Planning Pod on my ipad, meetings are so much more organized. The daily planners are so helpful on days I need to stay on schedule. I can allot myself blocks of time to tackle my list and when time is up, I move on. Emily, thank you for these!

B is for Bonnie “Navigating Entrepreneurship” series: Last, but certainly not least, this series on Bonnie’s blog is amazing! If you are a small business owner, you should go read this now! She covers everything from your ideal client, dreaming, and community to boundaries, time management and general tips for good business. Some of it is common sense that you just need to hear sometimes and other bits are new perspectives. Either way, all of it is helpful!

Do any of you use some or all of these tools? If so, I’d love to hear any tips or comments on your experiences!

xoxo- Jenn


disclaimer: all of these tool/product reviews are unsolicited and Harper Hadley Events received no sponsorship or payment to discuss them.


Fave 5: First Glimpse

A very wise woman once told me, ‘your website is your handshake, but your blog is your hug’. While I am no where near the writer that she is, this blog is a glimpse into my world, the behind the scenes, the dreaming that goes on over here in HHE land and it’s time I take that more seriously.

In an effort to let you get to know me a bit better, darlings, I am going to be sharing my favorite things every few weeks. I hope that you will all share some wisdom and pretties as well. We all have to stick together when it comes to simplifying, feeling beautiful and encouraging some fun, right?


Gasp! I know, you can’t believe that coffee didn’t make it on this list. With this cold, tea is just so much cozier after 11 am, which accounts for the majority of my day, so there you go. I’m finding my love of journalling again and this lovely hardcover makes it so much more fun. In addition, part of less screen time is finally catching up on my Real Simple magazine reading. So much relaxation! Hot tea, reading, journalling, oh my!

I’ve also found a new obsession with snacking on pineapple. Ok, so not entirely new, but I rediscovered the yummy frozen bags this week and they have been the best go-to snack. Especially when I crave something sweet at night. YUM! So there are only 4 things in that picture, but my other essential – having a dance party at least once a day. This week’s default jam is over here! It is so fun and sometimes it’s good to break up the day to refocus and remember what uninhibited joy feels like! It fuels my heart and that is the best!

What are some of the things you are finding make your day to day more enjoyable and allow you to find time for yourself, even if it is just 5 minutes to dance it out?

xoxo- Jenn