Blooming Shower: Tissue Poms

I’m going to keep this one short and sweet today friends. This will be the last sneak peek for next weekend’s shower. Next weekend already?! Yes.

These will be used in various colors and sizes throughout the shower, but just in case you love tissue poms as much as I do, here you are. These are so easy to make and definitely cheaper than buying them prepackaged.

Just gather the tissue paper color(s) of your choice, thread or fishing wire and scissors. Then, check out this tutorial, here.


Mixing different colors of tissue could look really amazing as well. These can be used hanging in groups, individually or even in a vase. Where and how would you decorate with poms?

Happy crafting lovelies!

xoxo- Jenn


Blooming Shower: Pendant Bunting

Happy Thursday all!

As promised, this week I’ll show you how to make pendant bunting. This is another simple way to create interest and add some color to an event. In addition to using them for party decor, this DIY also can double for decor or photo backdrops for the future. Reuse is an added bonus for anything that you put this kind of time into! Due to the measuring and cutting involved, this does take a fair bit of time to pull together. You can do this with triangle pendants like I did or do rectangles or any shape you prefer.

What you need:

5-6 fabrics of choice (I used leftover scraps from my curtain strips and some fat quarters that were on sale)

2 inch ribbon

Sewing machine

bunting 1

1. Create a cardboard template of the triangle. Cut out pendants using a rotary cutter and ruler. {TIP: iron fabric before cutting}

2. Sew un-hemmed seam around each pendant to prevent fraying (again, you can hem it for a cleaner look, just measure enough fabric)

3. Cut ribbon to length desired (I’m doing mine 6 feet long) and fold in half. Iron crease in ribbon.

4. Lay out pendants in desired pattern and either pin or tape them in place on inside fold of ribbon.

5. Sew along bottom of ribbon to secure pendants in place.

Added Bonus: by leaving the ribbon with a channel in the middle, you can put a dowel or curtain rod through it at a later date to use as a valance.

6. Iron one last time and you are ready to hang the bunting!

bunting 3

I can’t wait to see these little darlings amidst all of the yellow and fun decor in a few weeks! What are some of you favorite uses for bunting?

xoxo- Jenn

Blooming Shower: Custom Fabric Curtain

Simple design installations are a great solution to customize event decor. Anytime I throw a party, I always have a theme or aesthetic in mind that I’d like to achieve. Even in the most neutral of spaces, this can prove challenging. You don’t want to blow the budget or overwhelm the space, but you’d like to make an impact. The key is to keep it simple conceptually and not have to bring a ton of tools to execute on the day. {caveat: this is not always the case– for a bigger event or wedding, going all out is sometimes a must}

Simple doesn’t have to be boring, thrown in some color, do something out of the box, just don’t overcomplicate. If you’re renting a space for an event, but still want to add some personal decor, this tutorial is a simple way to add some custom flair without spending too much. Installation is also fairly simple and un-intrusive, which can be an important thing depending on the restrictions from the venue. Not only will this add to the event, but it is reusable for decor in any space.

Note: My measurements and 2 yard length are measured to hang behind/above a table. Please be sure that your needs are met by appropriate measurements for your uses.

What you’ll need:

2 yards (6 feet) of fabric in various patterns and colors

Sewing machine

Ribbon (1 1/2 – 2 inches wide)

curtain 2

1. Cut fabric into 2 inch wide strips (keep the 2 yard length) to equal the correct width of the finished curtain. Mine is 6 feet wide.

2. Sew seam around 3 sides of each strip. I’ve left mine un-hemmed to look more flowy, but if you prefer a hem all the way around,  be sure to cut strips wide enough to account for hemmed fabric)

3. Fold over remaining short edge 1 inch and hem, then iron each strip for best effect

4. Once all of your strips are ready to assemble, decide what pattern you’d like for the curtain and simply string them all onto your ribbon.


This particular shower is being held in a school conference room. It will be placed on a main wall to bring some color into the space. I will be hanging it from the drop ceiling using fishing wire. In order to keep some suspense for the bride, here is the rough rendering I made a few weeks ago. Once it’s all put together, you will see the final product in all it’s glory (at least I hope it looks that way!).

Stay tuned next week for some precious pendant bunting. That’s a bit more time consuming of a project.

Happy Crafting lovelies!

xoxo- Jenn

Special Details

Social media free weekends agree with me friends! It allowed me to accomplish so much, while still spending time with family and getting creative!

After a full day of fun and errands on Saturday, I almost forgot that I needed to throw together a dessert for our Mother’s Day brunch the next morning. Now, I’m not the kind of person that just swings by the grocery store for a bag of cookies or a cake (not that there is anything wrong with that!). I prefer to bring my cutsie serving dishes and well thought out yummies with a little pizzaz thrown in. So, at 8 o’clock the night before a party, my options were limited.

My solution was to make chocolate chip cookie bundles with homemade gift tags. Simple, I had everything on hand and it’s a little personal touch that gets noticed; not what it’s attached to. This is something anyone can do for any occasion! You can use homemade cookies, store bought goodies, candies in plastic wrap, candy bars, decorative soaps, blankets, notebooks- the possibilities are endless!

All you need is a few pieces of scrapbook paper/card stock/ construction paper/ gift tags; scissors; ribbon; and glue/glue dots/tape.

tags 1

I didn’t have any gift tags in the size I wanted, so I just used my straight cutter to make 2 different size rectangles to layer.

tags 2

Then, just assemble, hole punch for the ribbon to go through, write your message (hopefully in better script than mine) and tie it all together.

tags 3

VOILA! A fun and personal treat to take to any get together.

tags 4

Like I always say, you don’t have to spend a lot of money or make anything out of this world to show you care. Something as simple as dressing up cookies with ribbon can add that special little touch you are looking for.

What are your favorite go to desserts to take to family gatherings? Any little touches you like to use?

xoxo- Jenn