About Me

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I’m from everywhere.

I grew up an “Army Brat”, moving every 2 years – new places, people and experiences. As an adult, I appreciate that so much more than I used to. I grew up incredibly close to my family, got to see and experience different cultures, learn a new language and catch the travel bug, all before age 10! I’ve spent the last decade in the Midwest, Iowa to be exact. I had the privilege to marry the most amazing man in September 2012. He is absolutely my prince charming and best friend!

I love to travel, organize, and surround myself with pretty things and beautiful people (from the inside out). I live on coffee, of the Starbucks variety, and can’t resist a homemade dessert. To me, tomatoes are their own food group and sweet tea is the best dessert in a glass. Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly are the epitome of a lady to me. Dancing and twirling around make me giddy.

I’m a believer in true love, romance, good hugs, baking, the power of a good latte, and all things lovely.

A Few of my Favorite Things (in no particular order):

  •             Fluffy snow
  •             My Best Friend, my Husband
  •             Family
  •             God
  •             Coffee (preferably Starbucks)
  •             Fresh flowers
  •             Sunny Days
  •             Music – most any kind
  •             Photography

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