Southern Orchid

The warm Spring wind has not graced us with her presence yet in the Midwest, but our glimpses into sunny days and wonderful afternoon walks have me daydreaming, as always. This weekend, I was desperate for bright colors and warm memories. So, I figured it was my turn to use this year’s Pantone Color of the Year- Radiant Orchid.

How much more cheery and bright can it get? I have to admit, I was not a huge fan of this color choice – I’m still partial to that amazing Emerald from last year. Old habits and loves die hard darlings. However, after giving it a chance and doing a little brainstorming on elegant touches without being over the top, its beauty has grown on me!

southernorchid.jpg{ Prima Seadiva | Intimate Weddings | Polka Dot Bride | SMP | Jet Set Wed | Bridal Guide }

 This amazing door was my inspiration photo this time and it reminds me so much of the beach houses and Rainbow Row in Charleston, but with an orchid twist. When I think warm and relaxing elegance, summers at my grandparents’ is where my mind wanders, so the Palmetto lined ceremony aisle and beachy feeling brings that to life for me.

Have any of you considered using the Color of the Year in your wedding colors? If so, is it a key player or accent?

xoxo- Jenn



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