Taking The Challenge

In preparation for the Contentment Challenge, I’ve decided to, once again, tackle Lara’s Challenge. Seems like I am really into challenging myself these days, huh? Why not?! Life is meant to be lived and if I can take action to make that my reality, I will DO it!


Did you notice I said “once again”? I have done this process so many times and each time it baffles me how much more mental, digital and physical clutter builds back up. For me, this is a process I go through every 4-6 months. The first step is Downloading- my favorite part. If things don’t get written down, they are repeated in my head so I don’t forget them. One of my favorite quotes from the e-book: “If something in your head [or in your office or on your desk or in your car or in your purse] doesn’t have a place and a purpose, it’s clutter and it will swim in your head till you take care of it. It’s taking up energy and brain power that you could be using to act on your dreams.” YES!!!!

The next few steps require ACTION, so be prepared. Also know, that like many other things, this is not meant to happen overnight. It normally takes me at least three days, if not a week, to work the process. Taking your time will help optimize your return and truly put you in a great space. Some of the suggestions Lara makes are sort of ‘duh’ ideas, but then why aren’t we all doing them? [enter excuses] It’s all about making a concerted effort to make it your routine. This does not always happen around here, but even a few days a week are better than none.

At this point, I’m only on step four, resting. This one is really hard y’all! I’m someone who is constantly doing something. Forcing myself to sit and read a new book or take time for myself to relax or go for a run- earth shaking stuff. One of my goals this year is to take a night for myself every week and a date night with AJP every week. Last night, we went to a movie. Having a night away from my phone and computer (ie- work) was amazing. DO IT!

This is not necessarily something that will work for everyone, but if you are looking for a little bit of extra time and more white space in your life, I highly recommend you give this a try.

xoxo- Jenn

p.s. If you prefer a more visually stimulating and all in one place option for Lara’s Challenge, here’s her E-book she so generously made for all of us! This is what I use and I love it!


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