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As a planner and social person, I’m always excited to connect with new vendors in the area! As is the case with my couples, it is so exciting when a vendor contact becomes a friend. So today, I am so pleased to introduce you to an amazing Corridor linen vendor, Celebration Linens.

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The owner and founder, Kelsey Swancutt, is one of the most authentic and down to Earth gals I’ve had the pleasure of working with. She will always strive to make a client experience the best possible and has always succeeded in my experiences. Her passion and energy for this industry is infectious and it shows in her work. Here’s a little bit about my sweet friend in her own words:

Why and how did you start your business?

I am a 25 year old mother of two. When we got married,  we decided that it was best for our family if I stayed home and raised the kids, but  I would still need to find a way to supplement our income from home. I had so much fun planning our wedding, that I knew I wanted to do something within the wedding industry. We put our heads together and Celebration Linens came to be what it is today.

What sets Celebration Linens apart from other vendors in the area?

I do my best to make the experience between a bride, her family and Celebration Linens a very personal and friendly one. I find it makes the entire process much easier if we get to know each other and trust that we will do our best to work together to make the big day a success. Celebration Linens isn’t your typical business where you just call up and put in an order. There will be many conversations with me about what vision and theme you are going for and how the entire weekend will play out without any kinks.


What all is included in your fees? 

A  free consultation is always included in order for a bride and her family to meet me and get to know me and my business. I rent out my items on an a la carte basis. Anyone who is interested in seeing a pricing guide will agree that I have very reasonable prices. If someone rents over $200 in items, delivery AND set up is included in these prices for FREE in the Iowa City / Cedar Rapids area. As far as I know, I am unique with this offer.

I remember from my own wedding and understand that a bride and her family have so much going on during that big weekend, that the last thing they want to worry about is setting up tablecloths, chair covers and tying sashes for all of their guests. I provide laundry bags and tubs for all of the items to be tossed in at the end of the night and returned to me within a few days of the event. If the event takes place at a few certain venues, they are able to leave the items for me to pick up the next day.


Do you fill custom orders if you don’t have something in stock?

I have been building my inventory for three years now but continue to add items based on the changing popular themes. I am always willing to add new items by request if I believe it will be used again in the future. If someone has an order that is so out there that will never be used again, I will be upfront and let them know that I am not interested in buying them. But, I have and will continue to send people in the right direction to buy these items if they really do want them for their big day.

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What is your favorite aesthetic or type of wedding to work on?

I have a little something for everyone so that I can be a go-to vendor for the masses. However, I do love very simple and elegant looks. One wedding I worked on stands out because of their mix of pattern and unexpected touches, all while looking very elegant and clean. They used a lot of the damask print as overlays and mostly black otherwise in the tablecloths and chair covers. They also accented with a dark plum with chair sashes and chargers.

What is your favorite part of a wedding, both as a vendor and guest.

My favorite part of a wedding as a guest is the reaction of the parents of the bride and groom. It’s just very neat to me how every parent is so different while their kids are walking up the aisle, saying “I do” or having their first dance.
 As a vendor, my absolute favorite part is finishing setting up at a venue and seeing the vision of the bride, her family and Celebration Linens all put together for the first time.


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Let me tell you from experience, the set up and pick up inclusion that Celebration Linens offers is so amazing. Even as a planner, it saves me so much time in set up so I can focus on the other details and I know I can always trust Kelsey and her team to make it look flawless! Linens are such a beautiful finishing touch and adding pops of color has never been easier with all of the overlay and table runner options that Celebration has to offer. If you are looking for a stress free experience and a wonderful person to chat with, and who isn’t, think about calling Kelsey, will you?

xoxo- Jenn


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