Au Revoir for Now

Oh distance, you fickle thing, you. This week, my best friend is moving across the country. This is not a sad thing, well mostly. I’m BEYOND EXCITED for her and her husband. They have been talking about California for a long time. Though they have lived four and half hours away for the last three years, this is going to be much different. No more weekend trips to visit each other without shelling out for a plane ticket. This is going to be their greatest adventure and there is nothing better than that, right?


{Dust Jacket Attic}

Before saying ‘au revoir’, I put together a little bestie package for her and thought it might be something others would enjoy. Anytime that a loved one will be away for a long period or moves, this is a great way to consistently let them know you care and add a little ‘vintage’ handwritten thought to it. Without further ado…

I researched the area they are moving to and made a list of things that I know she’d find interesting or that we would typically do together. Next, I wrote on the envelopes what feeling might accompany going to a certain area or just a pick me up. She has no idea what is inside each envelope, nor will she until she opens it. Now, for another fun twist, there is a 48 hour rule on each note. She and whomever is noted inside, must complete what is on the card within 48 hours of opening it.


{iphone photo of a few bits}

Now, since she will read this, I can’t share much more. However, I also threw in a few “just because” and “homesick” notes for days that a little encouragement is in order! Of course, Skype and Face-time will be in regular use, but this is just another little touch to make someone feel special and missed. Lastly, we got a bottle of Champagne and a bottle of her favorite wine. With the Champagne, we toasted this exciting next chapter- Celebration is in order!! The other will remain unopened until AJP and I make it out to the West Coast for all four of us to enjoy together on the beach.

Cheers to your next adventure Jilli! Enjoy every moment!

What are some special going away gifts you have either given or received?

xoxo- Jenn

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