Why Hire a Wedding Planner?

As promised last week, here are a few reasons to hire a wedding planner. First of all, why not? Doesn’t every bride DESERVE to fully enjoy her engagement and wedding day to its fullest? YES, YOU DO!!


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So many people think they can’t afford a planner and if they can, “my family and I can pull this off, we are crafty”. I was in that boat too. While you might have an army of helpers around you, there are things that Designer/Planners can offer that your family cannot. Not to mention, don’t you want them to be able to enjoy the day and not get stressed either? Why not hire someone to take all of that off your plates so you can enjoy each other’s company?

From a design perspective, planners can help you take an idea to a level you never thought of and stay within budget. They often save you money even. They can present to you something creative and out of the box, incorporate what you know you want and do it all with an elegant cohesion. The wedding industry is very much about networking. Though you might do a lot of research online, a planner likely has connections and knows someone who won’t be in your top five search results, but would fit your budget and be perfect for your event.

Even if you have a vision and know exactly what you want, that doesn’t mean you don’t DESERVE a wedding planner. You are still going to be an integral part of the planning process, but primarily in the fun parts, guiding the design and details that matter to you. Not in the phone calls, timeline creation, follow-ups, reservations, research, execution, etc.

The biggest thing a planner offers- TIME!! That was my biggest enemy as a bride. I enjoyed the fun things, but I certainly didn’t have the extra time in the evenings or over my weekends to get it all done. Enter my mother and many breakdowns. All of the moving parts and stress- I would have gladly paid someone to do that. Also, you don’t want your family and friends missing you getting ready or not being entirely present in the festivities because they are setting things up. I missed that with my mom and it’s one of my only regrets. Planners take care of all of that for you, so you can focus on the joy, not the work. 

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In addition to everything above, which is NOT a comprehensive list, by any means, your wedding planner will be an addition to you support system. They will hold your bouquet, fix your stray hair before you walk down the aisle, execute to perfection the standard you have set for your day, act as a mediator when needed and be there as a friend through the whole process. With that in mind, it is important to ‘click’ with your planner. In my book, a bride and groom that become friends long after the wedding are the best kind!

Taking all of that into account, I truly believe that your wedding is not just a party. It is the beginning of the rest of your life. That life includes both of your families and your wedding is often times the first time you all meet and get together. That is something not to take for granted. Let a planner help you, in whatever capacity you are comfortable with, to allow your attention to be given fully to building your family and getting to know everyone in it. They are what matters, not the trivial things. That’s a planner’s job.

Consider letting them give you that, it’s kind of why we love our jobs! I promise it will be the best investment you make in the whole process.

xoxo- Jenn



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