Everyday Joy | 2014 Vision

We are almost a full week into February and I think it’s time I shared my vision for this year. Visual reminders and inspiration always help me reign in the chaos and focus on my core. Last year this was particularly helpful in discovering my core. That is some hard work, to be completely honest and vulnerable with yourself. I highly recommend it though.

2013 brought so many blessings and wonderful memories. I started my blog, decided to launch my business, had my first two weddings, celebrated our first amazing year of marriage, dipped my toes in the Caribbean, met new people, surprised my Mom (thanks AJP!), and officially became the owner of Harper Hadley Events, LLC!! 2013, you were fabulous and taught me so much.
2014 inspiration board

{for sources and more of my vision, see my 2014 board}

This year started off with a bang and has only gotten better in the last four weeks. I’ll share my goals later, but some of the things I’m saying ‘yes’ to this year are: more reading in print, more star gazing, getting into an exercise routine and sticking to it, more breakfast in bed, writing more often, being silly and dancing, marriage joy, creativity, feeling more glamorous, dressing up for everyday occasions and celebrating the simple and joyful moments.

What are you looking forward to in 2014?

xoxo- Jenn

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