Cozy Recipes & Snowy Adventures

Happy Friday darlings!

This week was filled with visits with my Dad while he was in town, homemade dinners, de-cluttering, and making big plans. I cannot wait for more of that this weekend! Before signing off though, I want to share a few of my favorite things from the week with you. First up, my favorite new quick and healthy dinner recipes.

We are committing to healthier, home-cooked, no fuss meals in the Pocho house this year and it has been so fun trying new recipes! The front runner so far has been Slow Cooker Garlic & Brown Sugar Chicken. Who doesn’t love a dish that you can leave in the Crock Pot all day? I just steamed some rice and broccoli for sides and it was just as good as takeout, if you ask me! This is a 30 minute meal at its finest.


{photo credit: Makin’ It Mo Betta Blog}

Since I’m a carb lover, I also recommend this healthy 3 Cheese Penne Bake recipe- only 198 calories per serving (5 WeightWatchers points)!! Perfect with a side salad. Isn’t this single serving just darling? It’d be great for a dinner party too and I promise, no one will notice the calorie difference.


{photo credit: Skinny Mom}

Next, I don’t know if you’ve heard that this Olympics thing is starting next week, but I’m pretty pumped. So pumped, that we are going to be hosting an Opening Ceremonies gathering- Yay! So, in between visits and HHE work, I’ve been obsessed with the NBC Olympics website. More on this as the games begin and progress, but fair warning, I might disappear until February 24th. (p.s. aren’t the pictograms gorgeous?!)


Lastly, my winter commentary. As someone who lives in the Midwest, “snowmagedon” is somewhat of an interesting thing to watch my Southern friends cope with this week. The traffic and stresses that come with unusual conditions can be downright frustrating, I know. White stuff falls from the sky- school is closed, grocery store shelves are bare and everyone is a five year old experiencing ‘winter weather’ for the first time. Don’t read this the wrong way my dears, I too was overjoyed that snow was falling when we lived down South. I’m so grateful that, even in its novelty, snow brings such joy and happiness to so many. With that in mind, I thought I’d share some of our annual snow walk photos with you.

As you might remember, AJP and I take a snow walk in the first blanketing snowfall each year to experience the peace and beauty that is around us in those first few hours. Ok, maybe it’s a me thing, but he’s so sweet to play along and enjoy it with me. Yes, we also goof around and have races to the bridge on the trail (the result of which sometimes may or may not be me slipping and wiping out ‘gracefully’).

snow walk 1

snow walk 2

So, while some people really dislike snow and this ‘polar vortex’ phenomenon, let this be a little reminder that there is still fun to be had and joy to be found in the little things. With that, I wish you all a very happy, cozy and relaxing social media free weekend with your loved ones.

xoxo- Jenn


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