Holiday Treasures

“Wherever your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” (Luke 12:34)

I know I have been a bit absent on the blog the past week and a half y’all. That is due to some holiday cheer, daily grind and this amazing surprise of a week my darling AJP planned for me!

If you follow me on Instagram, you saw our adventure unfold as we waited and held our breathe through 2 days of flight delays, cancellations and stand by options. We finally arrived in Dallas on Monday night to visit my family!! The best part- my mom had NO clue that we were coming. I didn’t even know until right before we left. The look on her face and the smiles that followed were unforgettable.


about town

{iphone photos: a few lovelies from our escapades around town this week, including some gifts from a dear friend}

We’ve been able to spend a lot of quality family time this week and my Maw-Maw is in town to boot! We may be celebrating a bit early this year, but it’s the best Christmas gift a girl could ask for. There have been so many belly laughs, delicious meals (both homemade and at our favorite spots), shopping and so much more. One of the trivial highlights for me was to walk through Anthropologie and see all of the pretties in person. Not to mention how amazingly they decorate for the holidays!

anthro 1

{The moment I saw this Rifle Paper Co. card, I stopped dead in my tracks!}

anthro 2

{can I just move in please?!}

I hope that all of you have the opportunity, not just during the holidays, but all year to spend with those who matter most to you and focus on the time and conversation with the people around you. This week, more than ever, I have tried to stay relatively social media free and participate in #PresentDecember. I cannot tell you in words how amazing it has been to be in the moment and truly enjoy everything going on around me- including conversations between my parents about Chihuahuas and Blizzards from DQ. These are very important topics in the Tate household and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Happy weekend my dears and don’t forget to turn  your phone over, go outside and partake in some winter wonderland fun! We sure will be savoring every moment for the remainder of our trip this weekend! Cheers to some Gigi’s cupcakes and cocoa while we take in a Christmas movie with my family.

xoxo- Jenn


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