Pausing the Reel, for Real

Well hello, hello my darlings!

I hope everyone had a fabulous week last week. I’ve been thinking about what to write about and perusing my usual go-to blogs the past few days. You would think ideas would just be flooding to mind after a full week unplugged, but I have found it hard to focus in on one topic. It’s like a tornado in my brain- oodles of ideas and thoughts swirling around and trying to find a place to land. Do you ever get that excited about things that you can’t slow the treadmill that is your reeling mind?

Then I looked through our vacation photos and saw this one. I just stopped and let my mind settle and escape to that moment. When we drove up to this mystical and beyond gorgeous beach…


The unplugged, real, honest to goodness LIVING we did was so unbelievably refreshing. I found myself just in absolute awe so many times at the beauty unfolding in front of us every, single moment we were there. It got me thinking about the amazing moments and adventures in daily life. Why should we have to take a vacation or go somewhere so fantastical to feel like we are experiencing life? Since we got home, only 4 days ago, I have fallen right back into my round the clock on-the-go routine. I’ve gotten right back to so much busy that I’ve already been overwhelmed, had a mini-meltdown and forgotten what is so exciting about daily life. Then I had a couple mini dates with some amazing women on Monday and it got me entirely refocused.

This was the first trip I’ve take, ever, that I didn’t have my camera with me 24/7. It was so freeing to live AJP’s way- not through the lens. We took pictures, obviously, but it wasn’t a trip about what we captured to show people, but one where we just enjoyed it and truly took it in. The breathtaking majesty that unfolded before us was so amazing, no photograph or words could ever do it justice. What if we took that same attitude and perspective on life?

Despite my attempts to do it all and be everything, I’m evermore finding it overwhelming to a point of paralysis. I’m not sure if I’ve found my breaking point, but I’ve honestly had enough. It is so draining to have things in your life that truly aren’t adding any value and do not matter. I used to think I needed a to-do list to accomplish things; that being busy was somehow the path to success in life- no more. My lists will no longer serve as the ‘lens’ into my life, my meaning and success. In the time it takes to write something down just to cross it off, it could be STARTED!

I have committed to nurturing people, relationships, my own heart, my core, my LIFE this month. Glorifying busy is NOT going to serve that purpose. So, this week, my main goal is to have a maximum of three large goals and break those goals into one daily action step during the week. That means I will only have three daily to-do list items. Hello manageable and DOable. Maybe it’s the holidays quickly approaching that are causing my heart to shift, but maybe it’s something much bigger. Either way, who wants to join me in stopping the glorification and self-gratification of busy?

Also, stay tuned tomorrow for a little bit of late peachy inspiration!

xoxo- Jenn


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