The Simple Things

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{The Fresh Exchange}

This week has FLOWN by, my dears. Anyone else feel that way? There have been so many wonderful things going on and there is so much I want to share with you, but it will have to wait for the timing to be right… I know, sad.

Wonderful and exciting things fire me up and this week was just overflowing with them. I had some fabulous lunch with my lovely new friend, Emily Crall, and she got me hooked on my new favorite restaurant, Monica’s in Coralville. Try it if you are in the area- but for real!

I also continued in some fabulous conversation with dear friends and family, finally got my Chinese food fix on date night last night (oh, it was Halloween, you say?) and have a weekend slated full of quality time with people who matter and fill my cup to its brim. Though these small things might seem trivial and not worth mentioning to some, to me, they are SO beyond important and  big. The simple things.

As I noted last week, I have been doing too much talking about who matters and connecting and far less time actually doing. That has begun to shift and my heart is singing because of it.

I’m still working through my Power Sheets for November, but DOING is going to be a focus this month. Doing things to have fun, focus on family, be truly grateful and just DO LOVE. I know that sounds silly, but it’s so important, y’all. Whitney English claimed this month as “Nurture November” and that sounds pretty fitting to me. What better way to be thankful for the blessings and love in your life than to focus on nurturing those relationships that make you who you are and fill your days?

Here’s to wishing everyone a wonderful November and a weekend full of whatever makes your heart happy!

xoxo- Jenn

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