Fireflies & Belly Laughs

front porch

Tiny White Daisies | Nicety Deco | Morgan Henderson Photography | Pinterest}

If you were to ask AJP the one thing that I absolutely have to have in our someday dream house, he would tell you “a wrap around porch”, of course.

Outdoor living and the love that is experienced on a front porch is so perfect to me. The conversations over coffee or iced tea; the breeze that dances through as you read a book on a warm spring day; watching children catch fireflies and then stare at them and marvel at the magic; singing and dancing to the music on the radio, or even making your own; having so many belly laughs that you don’t think anything can get better. That is front porch living and that is what we will have someday with our family, just as my family did growing up. To me a porch, whether front, wrap around or back, is a place for experiencing unbridled joy and love- for making the most amazing memories in your own yard.

So, darlings, what is your biggest must have for your dream house? Are you a porch daydreamer too?

xoxo- Jenn


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