Make Love Happen


{Over The Moon}

Recently, I’ve realized that a lot of my time has been spent selfishly on myself. Though I strive to live a full life and keep reaching for the stars, I don’t want to look back and feel like the people in my life didn’t know how valued they are. So, I’ve been trying to focus on love and support a lot more lately; making an asserted and conscious effort to do and give selflessly. If it comes to mind, try to do it without over analyzing. Even if I don’t get something out of it, the idea is to just make other people happy in some small way. Whether it’s a little bit of encouragement, a hug, a smile or even a gift just because. It always brightens my day and fills my cup so much more than finishing a to-do list item. You know why?

Love has this crazy way of multiplying and spreading more joy. Love Does! Mr. Bob Goff has it right. Y’all should pick this one up and read it yesterday.

Think of it in this small context. When you are having a really rough day and someone smiles at you in the checkout line or you get a random note from someone, doesn’t that just lift your spirits and make you reevaluate your outlook? Why not be that encouraging person? You never know how a little smile might ripple into so many other lives, including your own. Not only will this ‘slow down and love people’ mentality make you feel good, I promise it will make you so much more productive and ready to tackle that “busy” when you need to.

 Make Love Happen, darlings!
xoxo- Jenn

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