October Goals: Clear List

Are we really in October already?! Well, let’s not waste any time then, this week has already gotten away from me…

Since life doesn’t seem to want to slow down at all, this month is going to be all about simplifying. My type-A self needs to get back to a schedule and learn to allow for flexibility at the same time. In order to help with this, I’m taking a cue from the lovely Lara Casey again this month. The encouragement and community surrounding this wonderful woman’s focused living is unreal. I encourage all of you reading, to scoot on over to her blog and/or IG feed to get in on the uplifting fabulous-ness.

In thinking through my Power Sheets for the month, a ‘clear list’ and just everything ahead the remaining quarter of the year, I had an overwhelming moment of “Whoa- this being human thing is hard and where will all this time come from?” OK, pausing. Remember those moments we need to take sometimes? The ones where we are just still. I seem to be finding myself in need of the still moments so much more often these days. Anyone else? I bet a few of you are doing a virtual hand raise right now.

It’s in those moments that clarity, clear thinking, an open heart and open mind present themselves.


{We Heart It}

After some fabulous dance parties, listening to the rain softly hit the windows and just letting a sense of calm wash over me, I complied my “Clear List”:

  • I want to be certain: not that I can plan everything or know what is next, but I want to know in my heart that the path we are on is the one we are meant to travel. I want to be truly content with the amazing life I have.
  • To do this, I need to be free from haze: this means clearing the mental and physical clutter, dismissing distractions like too much social media, television and excess white noise. This is going to take some serious effort on my part, but I know it will be worth it.
  • Along with being haze free, comes being free from tension: for me, this will mean getting my tush up in the morning and reclaiming my workout/me time. Oh the struggle this presents when it is getting cooler and darker… but this will happen!! Starting each day with a clear and focused mind is invaluable and I’ve sincerely missed it.
  • With a clear and focused mind, I will be better equipped to see a clear path: circling back to being certain. If I’m focused on what matters most and ignoring distractions, that can only open me up for new opportunities, new ideas and the wonderful right in front of me. Wherever that may lead.
  • As a bonus, and this one is important, ‘Clear’ means to jump/get over obstacles: YES!! Just, Yes! Having a transparent and focused outlook gives you the tools  you need to tackle and overcome any obstacle you might encounter. That power comes from a clear heart- truly knowing yourself and that your capabilities are far greater than you can imagine.

So, I am reinstating social media free weekends and will be enjoying the simple life. For me, that means limited media, period. Not just social media. Limited to no TV on the weekends, getting outside, reading a paper book, cooking, baking, cleaning, jogging, things that keep me as unplugged as possible. Who’s with me? What do your clear lists look like?

Happy October y’all!

xoxo- Jenn

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