Fall Anniversary Shoot

What is more romantic than a stroll through a sprawling, picturesque orchard with your better half to celebrate your anniversary? Though we aren’t able to do an anniversary shoot this year, I sure had some fun dreaming up what I’d have liked. Maybe in the coming years we can style something fun like this.

Fall Anniversary Inspiration

{Phindy Studios / Pinterest / Intimate Weddings / Apfelküchen / Emily Crall Photography}

Having the chance to capture your ever growing love with your honey is so fun to me. How adorable is that orchard picnic? I bet they rode that bike down the rows of apple trees and had a blast. I am a sucker for a delicious Apfelküchen. It would be the perfect treat. Maybe I’ll make one this year. The beautiful shot by Emily Crall is at a local orchard and it melts my heart. Her ability to capture little moments and pure joy is uncanny.

What would you do for your anniversary session? How many of you have had one?

xoxo- Jenn


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