In His Own Words

{This is likely the one and only post written by AJP, so enjoy! Earlier this year, I noted my thoughts here, and this is his recollection of our wedding day, in his own words, be still my heart!}

After having just woken up, I felt nothing but excitement in anticipation of the events that were to follow later that day.  I even practiced a few dance moves after hopping out of bed to make sure I was ready for the “flash-mob” dance later that evening.  I got in the shower, put on some casual clothes, grabbed a bite to eat and headed off for the church.  I was getting married today!

After getting to the church, I went to the basement and went to the groom’s room to put on my tux and make sure I wouldn’t see my bride-to-be.  My groomsmen started showing up and we just hung out.  I got a call from one of my cousins that wasn’t able to make it, wishing us a great day.  It meant a lot to me because he had always been a big part of my life growing up.  Shortly after, I was told it was time for the big reveal!  I headed to the sanctuary with my back to the door.

I heard the door close and knew Jenn was walking up behind me and all I could do was smile.  I turned around and gasped.  She was so beautiful I couldn’t explain what had hit me.  All either of us could do was smile and look at one another.  After our special moment, it was time to get photos taken and finished up before the ceremony. 

first look

We got back to the church for the ceremony.  I walked in with the pastor at the beginning of the ceremony and watched everybody coming down the aisle.  Then it was time.  Everybody stood up and directed their eyes towards the back of the room.  Jenn was so beautiful, I did all I could to keep the tears from rolling.  The ceremony was coming to an end (one minor sand mishap later) and we were pronounced man and wife!  Again, all I could do was smile and feel nothing but joy and elation.  We walked out, got through the receiving line, made it to the limo and finally relaxed.  We sat there in each other’s company and felt as together as we had ever been before.  It was amazing!

Jen and Adam-2570

After a bit of driving around, we made it to the reception.  We headed over to cut the cake (knife upside-down) and I got frosting smeared on my face for no reason!  On second thought, it may have been a retaliatory gesture.  We ate and danced and talked the night away with all those that came to share in our day with us.  It was, and has been, the best day of my life.  Never before did I think I would find somebody to compliment me as well as my wife has done.  I am more thankful every day for the  blessing that has been placed in my life and do my best to not take it for granted.  She is my everything and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

This past year has been an adventure.  We are starting to figure out what is next for us and it is still scary to me, but I know I can get through anything with Jenn.  There is nothing else I would rather see last when I go to sleep or first when I wake up.  This past year has proved she is my stability and I can endure anything with her by my side.

Jen and Adam-4654

{Am I lucky or what?! This man melts my heart and fires me up unlike anything else. Just had to get my lil two cents in… just, BLESSED!}

{Photo Credits: Tim Dodd Photography}


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