My Whole Heart for My Whole Life

We had waited a whole three months for this! It was going to be our first long weekend in Chicago together on our annual Cubs game trip. We would finally see and do all of the things I wanted to experience with Adam in Chicago. I couldn’t wait! It was finally some uninterrupted “us” time. Yay!

chi car

Of course, just our luck, it started raining right as we got downtown and came out of the station. We were bound and determined not to let anything ruin this weekend. So we soldiered on in the drizzle and let my hair rival Ms. Frizzle’s (horrible rhyme, I know). We had a great time and even grabbed dinner in a pub. Chicago never ceases to amaze me. There is always something new to discover.

The following day was game day and we were not going to be late this year. The year before we got off at the wrong stop and ended up walking about 4 miles to Wrigley– ugh! So obviously it was a 3.5 hour rain delay since we were early….

cubs game

Like the freezing cold, make-the-most-of-this-weekend, we-have-stuff-to-see-and-do kind of people that we are, we left in the bottom of the 7th inning and headed to Navy Pier. I’d never seen it at night and wanted to ride the Ferris Wheel so badly and see the city all lit to high heaven!

We arrived at Harry Caray’s in the 9th and hadn’t missed a thing- sweet! After dinner, we went out onto the pier. I was so excited to walk along the main section that I made a bee-line and got pulled back. Adam wanted to go down the opposite way where there was nothing, I tell you, no-thing. {still entirely CLUELESS!} I was a bit confused at this point, but what the hey, it was a great photo opp with the pier in the background, I’ll humor him.

pre knee

Then, of course, in true Adam fashion, he starts acting giddy and romantic, then randomly hands me the umbrella. I was so confused and a bit annoyed at this point- why did you just shove the umbrella at me?! Oi!

I look back at him after rolling my eyes and he is down on his knee with this blue box in his hand. Now, I cannot tell you much of what he said because I kept saying “Are you serious?! Is this for real?!”– oh I’m so chill and pulled together. A few choruses of the same and a teary “Of course, yes!” later, we were engaged and on cloud nine!!


After phone calls to all of our nearest and dearest, I finally got to take that first night time Ferris Wheel ride with my fiance. Oh, how sweet and perfect it was!

skylineA few months later we had gorgeous engagement photos taken by my now sister-in-law and a friend. Here’s a little taste, as I know this is becoming a novel by the second.


xoxo- Jenn

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