One Boy, One Girl

I absolutely cannot believe that this month marks the one year anniversary of our marriage!!

Just because I think it’s fun to look  back, this will be the first weekly post recapping our “journey” thus far. This year has flown by and it seems like just last week I was meeting that silly and oh-so-sweet American boy for the first time. The fact that he was the first person I saw in a baseball cap in 4 months had no effect on me what-so-ever… HA!  (I had no idea how much I’d miss hats and tees on a man, thus the”American” was important)

The night before boarding a flight to Wales, I found an inbox message from a boy and my life changed forever. While I was galavanting around Europe with my new friends, studying periodically and journalling my afternoons away, the highlight of my day was always waking up to a new email from Adam. We hadn’t even met in person, but our connection was made. Who knew just over five years after that first chat, we’d be celebrating this milestone?!


The picture above was taken on the night we met. We went out for pizza my first night back in town and this is the infamous “Smitten” photo – be still my heart!

Early Years

Our courtship started as a modern day pen pal romance and grew into so much more than we ever imagined. Look at these kids in the pictures, it’s so hard to believe that was only five years ago!!

I can’t wait to see what crazy adventures are next!

xoxo- Jenn


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