From One Moment to the Next

Last week, a colleague mentioned a quote that really stuck with me. While I don’t have the exact verbiage, nor do I recall the book, it was something along the lines of this profound epiphany:

Not a single moment in our lives is EVER ‘the same’.

Um, Whoa! What?! SO true. How many times do we resist change and wish for days gone by? How many hours do we spend energy wishing we could take something back or do something ever so slightly different? Or hope that we will get back to “the way it used to be” with someone? How often do you will time to fast forward to the future you envision? I know I have been guilty of all of the above at one time or another. Think about it though, the second that I typed the word “epiphany” above, will NEVER happen again. On the flip side, if you are too busy looking forward, what are you missing now? That moment that will become an inside joke for years to come or a special look that you are too preoccupied to notice? It can never be the same. Every time I visit my family, it’s the same house, same people, often times the same time of year– but nothing is ever a carbon copy of a previous or future trip. Change truly is inevitable and “the good ole’ days” are never coming back.


Please don’t read that as a negative thing. Change can be wonderful, change is almost always hard, and new endeavors are never exactly what you expect or plan for. That’s part of the fun, right? While our yesterdays hold so much meaning for us and wonderful memories, don’t you think that our tomorrows, and more so our NOW, hold so much more promise?

Reality check — we all have the potential to move mountains and improve the world around us; to influence and impact people in our lives; we are constantly learning and growing. So why would we not leverage our past, evaluate our lessons and look forward to a new day full of AMAZING?!

I’m not sure how many of you tuned in at the beginning of the month for Lara‘s Power Sheets Webinar, but oh my stars- it lit me up and gave me so many wonderful and thought provoking things to focus on. Two things really resonated with me: First, to get to the fruitful point in life, we have to learn our craft and make a mess to do so. Second, “The journey is in the waiting”.

friendships{Darling Magazine}

Again, Whoa! How many of you (myself included) want everything right now and think that we have to have the perfect circumstances to do it? We live in such an “immediate gratification” society anymore, that the idea of patience and hard work often get glossed over. With social media, the internet in general and the lightning speed of technology, things are so often on the fast track to realization. What is so wrong with digging in and getting messy?

In the waiting, we are making messes, we are learning from our experiences, we are taking notes, dreaming big, fine tuning, venturing into new things and so much more. [Anyone who hasn’t read START by Jon Acuff– go get it now!]

Don’t let yourself forget to live and celebrate the every day wonder around you while you are waiting. I am CONSTANTLY reminding myself (80000000000000 times a day) to be grateful for everything that has made me who I am, my experiences, the people that have been and are in my life, the dreams that are in my heart, and every little second in between.

There is only so much in life that we can control. We choose our attitude — when we get up in the morning, when we take a five minute break to collect our thoughts, when we leave the office, and countless other moments in a day. We are all human and will react emotionally, we are bound to get nostalgic and impatient. BUT, how awesome is it that we can make the next second, minute, hour, day, year (you get the idea) so totally different, because it will never be exactly the same as the last or the next?

xoxo- Jenn


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