July Goals: Independence

Summer is in full swing in the Midwest and bright new beginnings are upon us here at the Pocho house! June was a whirlwind month full of wonderful blessings and I can’t wait to see what July has in store.

My goals this month will be similar to, but more refined than the last few months. I’ve spent the past few weeks reading and doing some major self-reflecting. I revisited my 2013 Vision and need to realign my goals with that. So here are the three ways I will do that:

Strengthen Mind, Body & Soul. I’ve started a new morning routine that I will maintain a minimum of 5 days per week. I will rise with the sun and exercise, followed by a leisurely breakfast and devotional time. I’ve realized that it is important to take some quality “me” time. It puts me in the best mindset for conquering my days and attitude is 90%, right? I’m NOT a morning person {yet}, so I’ll follow up on this in a few weeks. For some motivation, check out my friend Amy’s corner of the web: WanderFit!

Less Clutter. This one looks familiar, right? I seem to keep amassing things and not organizing them– so unlike me! {the organization part, not amassing things, sadly} I AM going to purge some things this month and make our space more functional. Also, after finishing my current read, I’m going to delve into 7 by Jen Hatmaker. I’m not just talking material clutter, guys. I really want to clear my life, heart and mind of clutter. I know that this will take some serious work on my part, but I’m finally ready for it.

Let Creativity Flow. For me, this means crafting, but also writing, reading, having dance parties, more music…. Just truly connecting and making time for the things that set my heart on fire. Sometimes I get an idea and just come up with excuses to squash it before I even attempt it- SO silly! I will at least attempt every creative idea I have this month. You never know which idea will be the one that changes your world!

Writing all of that down suddenly seems selfish. I’m not taking any of it back, though. In order for me to be the best wife, friend, daughter, co-worker– “me” time is necessary. I haven’t truly done any soul searching or deep self reflection for a long time.

Do you ever feel lost and just have to stop, be still and start fresh? That has been on my heart lately and I must ACT on it. I feel a change in the air… an Independence of sorts. Independence is defined, by Webster, as “the quality or state of being independent”. A few synonyms that jump out at me are power (to be or do anything), self-determination (to push on), strength (to stay steadfast), self-support (to know my core and believe in it no matter what). To a degree, I already feel all of that, but it’s time to break free and really get to my core, be “who and what” I want to be. Time to get to work, to refine, to DO! Who is with me?

xoxo- Jenn


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