Blooming Shower: Pendant Bunting

Happy Thursday all!

As promised, this week I’ll show you how to make pendant bunting. This is another simple way to create interest and add some color to an event. In addition to using them for party decor, this DIY also can double for decor or photo backdrops for the future. Reuse is an added bonus for anything that you put this kind of time into! Due to the measuring and cutting involved, this does take a fair bit of time to pull together. You can do this with triangle pendants like I did or do rectangles or any shape you prefer.

What you need:

5-6 fabrics of choice (I used leftover scraps from my curtain strips and some fat quarters that were on sale)

2 inch ribbon

Sewing machine

bunting 1

1. Create a cardboard template of the triangle. Cut out pendants using a rotary cutter and ruler. {TIP: iron fabric before cutting}

2. Sew un-hemmed seam around each pendant to prevent fraying (again, you can hem it for a cleaner look, just measure enough fabric)

3. Cut ribbon to length desired (I’m doing mine 6 feet long) and fold in half. Iron crease in ribbon.

4. Lay out pendants in desired pattern and either pin or tape them in place on inside fold of ribbon.

5. Sew along bottom of ribbon to secure pendants in place.

Added Bonus: by leaving the ribbon with a channel in the middle, you can put a dowel or curtain rod through it at a later date to use as a valance.

6. Iron one last time and you are ready to hang the bunting!

bunting 3

I can’t wait to see these little darlings amidst all of the yellow and fun decor in a few weeks! What are some of you favorite uses for bunting?

xoxo- Jenn


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