May Goals: Refocus

Another month gone by- Slow down 2013! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful weekend! I’m sitting on the deck in the sun writing this and have a smile from ear to ear.

May is time to check in on MTH Goals. If you’d like to set some goals, it’s never too late to start. Here’s the mini series from earlier this year: Goals and Resolutions Part One, Part Two, Part Three

sun writing

After reviewing my entire notebook from earlier this year, I’ve gotten a renewed focus. I’m also realizing that I was in need of this check in. I’ve felt like I haven’t been “checking things off my list” and it’s been a bit discouraging. Well, friends, I have been and just haven’t been seeing it. It’s all in the little things y’all. Here’s a recap of progress:

  1. Get healthier: I started the year out doing really well with this. We were eating really healthy and I had a workout routine that I stuck to. I missed my workouts if they didn’t happen. Alas, I had a minor injury that kept me out of the “game” for a few weeks and am struggling to get back into my routine. This month, I WILL work out 5 DAYS per week — time to get it in gear!
  2. De-clutter & Organize: This one we made GREAT strides on! We cleaned out and donated so much last month, it’s amazing to me how much clutter one can amass. Still, there is a lot to organize and even more we can do to streamline.
  3. Give: Aside from our de-cluttering donations, I haven’t done very well with this one. I really need to find a place to donate my time. Working on this one….
  4. Stop Worrying: Will this ever completely happen? I feel like I’m less worrisome than I have been, less stressed and I’m not as restless as I used to feel. This one will be a lifelong work in progress.
  5. Be Present: This has been a very intentional and conscious effort. Until an hour ago, I had an unintentional Social Media Free weekend and I didn’t miss a thing. Instead, I enjoyed time with my family with no television or internet and no cell phones around. Let me tell you, it felt amazing! Have any of you tried that yet? It’s refreshing and I will be doing that more in the future. During the week, I try to plug my phone in by the bed when I get home from work and not keep it with me like I used to. Being a slave to technology is so draining! Looking forward to continuing to work on this goal.
  6. Take a Vacation: Check! Well, ok, it’s planned and it might be a little bit overboard, but we can’t wait! We are going on a wonderful week long vacation in November and it will be so relaxing and a new adventure for both of us. More on that later, but we can check this one off the list! There might be some mini weekend escapes along the way as well, but that would just be the cherry on top.
  7. Have New Experiences: Our trip will help with some new experiences, but I still need to venture out of my comfort zone a bit more.
  8. Be Creative: Oh how amazing it feels to say “Check!” to this one. I have been sewing, drawing, writing and dreaming up so much creative inspiration I can’t stop! I doubt this one will ever be truly done.
  9. Develop & Grow HarperHadley: Again, this will be a constant work in progress. I promise to get back to a schedule. I have been awful with regular posts and need to focus more on that. I’d love to hear from you, my readers and friends– What would YOU like to read about? Stay tuned for some fun fetes, DIY and summer recipes soon!
  10. Connect: I’ve been having weekly phone calls with everyone in my immediate family and have sent more snail mail this year. Another work in progress, but one that I’ve made strides with and am excited to continue!

Ok, so after all of that, I have a clear view of what needs to happen this month. Here are my three May goals:

Healthy Routine: I will be back in the gym five days per week, be eating healthier and getting outside more.

Blog Schedule: I vow to plan ahead and know what two to three posts will be up for the following week.

Social Media Free Weekends: Focus more on what matters and unplug on weekends.

What are some of your goals? What are you going to refocus on? Any updates if you set goals?

xoxo- Jenn

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