The Best Day of My Life

I can’t believe it’s already been six and a half months {and only at the same time} since we said our “I Do’s”! As my friends are getting married, they ask me advice and I thought it might be good to share some with you, my lovelies. Plus, it’s always fun to reminisce!

After a night full of rehearsal festivities, dance practice (for our surprise flash mob) and wedding jitters, I arrived at the Church bright and early. Thank goodness my girls had arranged for a Starbucks and Donut Land run (sadly, I never got to my cherry donut)! It almost felt like a girl’s day until I sat down to write my note to Adam and my Mom arrived. I was marrying my best friend and I couldn’t get the butterflies to go away or wipe that lovestruck smile off my face! {not that I wanted to}

OUR day was a whirlwind and a collection of slow motion moments all wrapped together into the most magical and love-filled day I’ve ever been a part of — Pure blissful and complete happiness!

No matter how much time you spend on the little things, or don’t, your wedding day will be exactly what it is meant to be and entirely YOURS.  Regardless of how swept up you are in your day {and trust me, you will be}, when you think back on it, there will be the fond memories of course, possibly accompanied by the occasional pang of wishing.  I won’t use the word “regret” because I do NOT regret a single thing. There are things I wish had been done prior to the day and a few things that could have been “more”, but our day was entirely and completely US, plus some.

wedding collage

After having a few months to think it over, look back at our video and pictures, I’ve come up with a couple points that I might have done differently.

  • I wish I’d spent more time on the little details and done more DIY- at the time, I felt like there was too much to do, then I realized that I could have done so much more. I could have come up with a fun drink we love, made cute DIY favors to go with the popcorn, done up the photo booth so much better, done something more whimsical and original with our centerpieces, and so much more. I took 3 months to do nothing wedding related over the holidays and into Spring. If I’d spread things out and really planned, I could have done those things.
  • I wish I’d gotten more pictures outside with our wedding party- the only ones we have of just the girls or just the guys are in the church. We didn’t have time to get all of them in.
  • More shots of the details- we made crossword puzzles since we enjoy doing them on lazy Sundays, and we have no images of that, our flowers, ceremony details, etc. I’m such a visual person, and don’t get me wrong- I LOVE our photos, just wish I’d had the foresight to specify that I wanted more of those shots.
  • I would have remembered to write to Adam the days before our wedding- We wrote each other notes/letters/cards and had our friends exchange them for us. I was so flustered, despite my planning, that I didn’t write it until the morning of our wedding. I wasn’t able to really pour out my heart and emotions with my ladies all sitting around and trying to finish it so we could start my hair.
  • I would have found a way to get colored linens or overlays for our reception tables and even though it was a debate, I still wanted Chiavari chairs. {complete wishing here!}

Now, there was so much that was perfect and tons of things that made OUR day absolutely amazing.  Here’s my top five:

  • By far, my favorite part of the day was our first look. After all of the planning, craziness and anticipation, seeing Adam was just what I needed to bring things back into focus. My heart actually leapt with excitement as I walked up behind him in the Chapel. I couldn’t wait to see him and give him some X’s & O’s!
  • Dancing in random places. While taking pictures we danced and twirled in our own little world. Those are some of my favorite pictures.
  •  Feeling the love and support of our family and friends — truly humbling! I know this is going to sound crazy, but I even felt my Paw-Paw around me. My grandfather passed the year Adam and I started dating and they never met. There was a point standing in the stairwell with my Dad, waiting to walk down the aisle, when I just felt this overwhelming sense of calm envelope me – It felt like a hug from Paw-Paw and I could just see him smiling; that’s when I started welling up.
  •  The clumsy and funny moments that we will talk about forever– among which are Adam not being able to open the sand for our unity ceremony, frosting noses when cutting our cake, our moms being scatterbrained and so many more. Honestly, if we didn’t have those moments, I would have felt like we weren’t being ourselves.
  • Finally getting to be a Mrs! That is absolutely the best feeling to end the day married to your best friend, knowing that there is so much in store for the both of you. We get to start a family someday and build the life WE want. That is such an amazing feeling!

Jen and Adam-4641

Regardless of what goes perfectly, what mis-steps, and everything in between, don’t forget that you and your fiancé are the most important pieces of the day. It’s so easy to get caught up in the silly things, just remember — As long as you are married to your best friend when the sun sets, the day has been a success!

What are your favorite wedding memories, from yours and/or a friend’s? If you’re engaged, what are you most looking forward to? Any advice that was especially helpful for you?

Xoxo- Jenn

Photo Credits to Tim Dodd Photography


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