April Goals: Rejuvenate

Well friends, two holidays and a lot of happy later, April is here. I feel like it was just yesterday that I was writing my March goals to you.

I am happy to report that I made progress on all three of my last goals. We successfully got through the majority of our things and gave a lot away, have been to church every week that we were in town {3/4 isn’t too shabby!} and I tried three new recipes.

This month, here are my three improvements to focus on:

1. Connect– As fun as it is to write to people and stay in touch, I have to admit that I’ve been getting lax about it lately. I am going to make a more conscious effort to do more little things that truly come from the heart.

2. Find Balance– It seems that it is becoming more and more difficult to find a good balance in life between family, fun, work, and recharge time. Maybe I just need to be more spontaneous? I seem to keep trying to schedule everything and then get upset when things don’t go according to plan. Guys, I really struggle with this one. I’m so OCD about schedules and getting things done the way I envision or plan them, which means missing the joy in the little moments sometimes.

3. Evaluate Needs– Oh, the good ole needs vs. wants debate. With all of our decluttering, I feel like I suddenly need things to replace what I’ve given away. In some cases, it may be true, but in most cases, these “needs” are really wants. I don’t need to keep bringing unnecessary extras into my life. Everytime I get something new, I’m now going to get rid of something that I no longer use. Keeping things streamlined and clutter free!


Look at all of those beautiful, bright spring colors and pretty paper! With all of this stationery, a few of you might be getting snail mail this month! Here’s to new seasons with renewed purpose! Let’s all go out and have a great month and enjoy the things that matter.

What are your goals this month?

xoxo- Jenn


2 thoughts on “April Goals: Rejuvenate

  1. Love the stationary and bright colors! My goal for May is to start focusing more on Making Things Happen! It’s time to stop procrastinating and begin being intentional! Thanks for the encouragement!

    • Thank you! I’m a bit obsessed with pretty paper 🙂 That is definitely a goal I have too! Reevaluating goals today and it’s proving to be just as exciting as in January. Glad you stopped by and I hope you continue to.
      ps- love your blog! So many wonderful reminders and uplifting words

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