Easter Fun

What a beautiful day! I hope you are all enjoying today, friends!

We spent a good bit of the day with family and had all sorts of laughs! Every year, we go to church with Adam’s grandparents and then gather for brunch at their home. This year, I was asked to bring dessert {surprise! Or not?} Instead of cupcakes like usual, I chose to do a traditional dessert and a festive one. Yep, that’s right folks—2 desserts because you can never have too much dessert!!

First, I made Resurrection Rolls. I had never heard of these, but thank goodness I found them! Not only are they delish, they are an allegory for the whole reason we celebrate! These yummy morsels are also insanely easy to make and will surely become a traditional Easter dessert for us. What a fun thing to do with the kiddos someday as well!

All you need are marshmallows, crescent rolls, cinnamon/sugar mix and melted butter.

Here’s the skinny- the roll is the cloth and tomb, the marshmallow is the body of Christ, the butter is the burial oil, and the cinnamon/sugar are the burial spices. When they go into the oven, He is entombed, when they come out, HE IS RISEN!!

roll prep_ingredients

Just roll the marshmallow in the melted butter and then through the mixture, place on the dough and pinch it together like a dumpling purse. Bake at 350 F for approximately 12 minutes, et voila! So simple, right?

res rolls done

I also made a powdered sugar and milk glaze and dyed it purple to drizzle the rolls when they came out of the oven. Of course I had to dress them up a bit.

Next, I made more festive and colorful Popcorn Balls, also pretty basic. The recipe calls for peanuts, but we have some nut haters, so i just used M&Ms. As an added twist, I mixed milk chocolate and white chocolate M&Ms, though.

popcorn ingredients_mixes

When you make the balls, definitely run some oil on your hands as if it’s lotion. You laugh, but I’m serious! I did and it still stuck to my fingers- darn that delicious melted ‘smallow! It was totally worth it- they were a hit and so cute!

pop balls ready to go

Once we got to brunch, I couldn’t resist setting up an Easter display. I just used a tiered dessert tray and easter grass, then placed the cupcake liners on it. Such a cute idea from Diane at InMyOwnStyle!

pop ball display

You can easily use this recipe for any holiday and with practically any candy you’d like – so easy and versatile.

I’m off to enjoy this beautiful and finally sunny day! Windows open, spring cleaning, a double dose of Starbucks {thanks to Adam!} and music playing — Love!!

What are some of your Easter traditions? Favorite treats?

Happy Easter Everyone!

xoxo- Jenn


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