Curing the Fever, Cabin Fever

Long time no type my friends– I turned around and realized I hadn’t posted in two weeks! We have been de-cluttering and doing a lot that I can’t necessarily list {isn’t it crazy how time flies!?}.  Even though we’ve been productive and spending time with people we love, I’ve been increasingly frustrated with the lack of sunny days and outdoor activity!

To that, many answer, “You wished for this, you love snow!” My reply– from December 1 through mid February, I do love winter and wish for snow. However, I have to admit that this is getting a bit ridiculous. This time last year, I was walking outside at lunch without a coat on and wearing sunnies. The St. Patrick’s Day Parade was on a beautiful afternoon and we were all in short sleeves, for crying out loud. I know, I know, “stop whining JP, you live in the Midwest; what do you expect?”


It’s an age old case of cabin fever, and my friends, I’m burnin’ up!

My meager attempts to brighten up our home, get out & do things and let sunlight into any tiny corner possible just aren’t enough to keep my impatience at bay. I’ve NEVER been one to wish for hot weather. Seriously, I’d rather be freezing and add layers than be sweaty {imagine Randy in A Christmas Story}. For the first time, I actually am dreaming of “Some Beach” {queue Blake Shelton}. I am dreaming of windows down, tunes up, barefoot, outside frolicking, gorgeous weather. At this point, if that happens to mean some 85+ degree days, I say bring it!! {as long as there’s a body of water & cold drink nearby}

I’m sure many of you feel the same this time of year. It’s that time where we are teeter-tottering along that fine line that is the changing of the seasons. Around here, that means sweatshirt one day and bundled up with Uggs on the next. Windows open last week, a foot of snow this week. Alright, enough complaining! Here’s the silver lining, ready?

Changing seasons mean new beginnings, a cycle of life that we get to witness every single year. If you really take a few minutes to think about that, it’s pretty remarkable. Though we might get uncomfortable and wish to be outside, we have to learn some patience too. While everything looks dreary and dead outside, it is really resting and preparing to be the most innocent, beautiful and lovely Spring. As we get tired of the rain that comes in Spring, the world is preparing a warm and sunny Summer for us to enjoy. Then, just as we begin to think it’s getting far too warm to enjoy anything, Fall hits and we see yet another symphony of color and a cool breeze changes our moods.

Not to sound all “earthy”, but think about it, if we didn’t have drastic seasons that last a bit too long, we wouldn’t enjoy the others as they arrive. It makes us grateful to experience the next.  As with anything in life, you have to find the joy and beauty in where you are to really appreciate and grow into the next phase. I’ve been dwelling on that a lot recently – what is next for us? Where is our life going? The best part is that I finally am starting to be ok with not knowing. If I can’t slow down and be in the little moments and find happiness now, who is to say that I will be happy where I’m going?

So here’s my promise to myself:  I’m going to start looking forward to Spring and new things in life with a renewed sense of excitement. No more hating on winter and the now – it’s such a waste of energy. Maybe start planning a few weekend getaways or day trips that you will enjoy. Start cooking new recipes to usher in the sunny weather. Find ways to make ordinary moments something special. All of these things give us something to really focus on; possibly keep us moving forward as that little extra “oompf” to lift our spirits. After all, the anticipation is the bridge from here to the fun part, right?

We are off to spend a weekend in the Twin Cities with the besties– Cannot wait!!! Stay tuned for some St. Patty’s pretties next week.

In the meantime, find your inner “oompf” and make today matter, make it bright, make it happy. The rest will follow suit!

xoxo- Jenn


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