March Goals: Fresh Starts

Happy March y’all!  Wow– I can’t believe it’s already March!! Where is 2013 going?!?

Sitting here reviewing my goals and looking forward to what else this year will bring. I spent a good chunk of tonight cleaning out my closet and dresser and am so excited to jump into a new month with an organized and de-cluttered bedroom. It’s honestly one of the best feelings. The past two months I’ve been working on my specific and meaningful goals for this year and now I plan to share monthly goals with you. I honestly feel like it is the best way to keep myself accountable. Maybe you’ll even share your goals and we can help each other?

Here are the 3 life improvements I’m going to focus on in March:

  • De-Clutter: I’m going to continue working my way through our apartment and get rid of/donate EVERYTHING we don’t need or use. I will go room by room and purge with reckless abandon, followed by my favorite part — organizing it all!
  • Go to Church every week: I’m notorious for accepting a daily devotional and Sunday lesson over going to church in favor of sleeping in. No more – it’s not the same, doesn’t set the right tone for the week and I honestly don’t get as much out of it.
  • Try something new: I hope to do this every month. Maybe I’ll try a new workout, take a cake decorating class, learn to knit, read a new book, eat something different that I’d never choose, who knows? I really want to push my boundaries this year and put myself out there to just experience and LIVE life!

Though I’ll focus on these new aspects, I’m still going to read devotionals daily, go to the gym a minimum of four times per week, eat healthier/meal plan and spend more time with Adam and family. I’ve also really enjoyed writing old fashioned notes to my friends the past few months- I will definitely keep that up!

Just in case you were looking for some, here’s a little inspiration. This is what I will keep in mind when cleansing and simplifying our living spaces. There is so much white noise these days — this is a wonderful reminder to just “Live Simply and Simply Live” and remember what matters most.

live simply

What plans and/or goals do you have for March? Whatever it may be, I would love to hear about it.

xoxo- Jenn

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