Sweet Soiree: Blooms & Sugar

What would a fete be without desserts and beautiful flowers?

Thank goodness that was not something we needed to worry about at our party last week. It’s no secret that I love baking and blooms, so why would this be any different?

Despite the silk florals I put together for my office, parties require the real McCoy. Lucky for me, I was able to stop through our local floral shop and pick up some beautiful bouquets and stems to create my centerpiece for the tablescape. Then, I spread out the stems and just pieced it together. I love how the quirky greens just make it look a little bit imperfect.

vday florals

When it comes to displaying sweets, I am a sucker for a “cute-sie” dessert table. I was so excited to find a couple pink dessert stands to brighten things up.

Deciding what to make was pretty simple. Our first Valentine’s Day, I wanted to impress Adam, so I made him some baked goods (the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, right?).  Since then, I always make traditional Red Velvet cupcakes – gotta love tradition! To follow through on the love theme, I also made heart shaped chocolate chip cookies and brownies. To finish it off, we had to have conversation hearts, of course!

dessert table vday

[{recipes to be shared later}]

Last, but not least, I made so many sweets that I had to send some home with everyone. Obviously I couldn’t just hand them a plastic container — enter the beautiful treat boxes I found at the craft store! I added some color by cutting scrapbook paper to line the bottom of the inserts [the same I used for the cones] and filled them with goodies. I love giving take home favors to my friends and this was no exception. Mini cupcakes (oh so cute), brownies and cookies complete with X’s and O’s.


Never underestimate how special even the simplest of details can be. Just taking a little bit extra time can make all the difference.

Stay tuned for the final wrap up of this little get together on Tuesday. I hope you all have been having a wonderful week.

xoxo- Jenn


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