Goals vs. Resolutions, part 2

Happy Sunday bloggies!

I hope you’ve had a great weekend so far. We’ve been enjoying taking it slow while the snow falls outside.

Some of you might have started your journey of self-discovery in part one of Making Things Happen in 2013 this past week. If so, yay! I’m so excited for you to keep moving forward. If not, and you’d like to, it’s never too late.

Now it’s time to start evaluating your reflections from last year. If you’re like me, at this point I felt ready to start setting my goals – not yet friends. I know it’s hard to resist the urge, but trust me; this process as it was created will work better if you work through the steps. Be patient and it will be much more gratifying and fulfilling in the end.

PHASE TWO – Evaluation

Step 4: What I Learned from what DID work

Even though Lara recommends listing the top three things, I wrote out everything I’d learned, then went back through and chose my top three from there. Here they are:

  1. Being honest can hurt sometimes, but it is necessary and you will always come out happier and stronger in the end. In the midst of all the happiness last year, there were struggles. I realized that glossing over things, whether in friendships, work, with family or any other relationship, never helps. Caring too much and making excuses for peoples’ actions isn’t going to get you anywhere if you can’t be honest. It’s definitely not always easy, but I promise, in my experience you always grow.
  2. I really enjoy supporting and encouraging my friends, family and the people in my life. Making people smile and lifting their spirits makes me feel amazing. I went out of my way to do that more often this year and it really brought joy to my heart. This was a “DO” that really worked wonders for me!
  3. With commitment and hard work comes great reward. When I stuck to my plans to get healthier, save money, whatever- I achieved the results I outlined. I was happier with myself. It was when I started making excuses and little exceptions that things fell apart. I must commit to DO what I set out to—I CAN DO THIS!

keep going

Step 5: Lessons Learned from what DIDN’T work

  1. Patience and listening will lead to understanding and more harmonious experiences. When I took the time to really focus, listen and communicate life was better, more peaceful. My relationships flourished and I was able to encourage and support more completely.
  2. Be still and know. When you pray, have faith and listen, His plan unfolds. Slow down and trust. You do not know what is best. We are all on His time, not our own schedule. He is greater and has more wonderful blessings in store for us than we could ever dream. We must simply take the human footsteps and TRUST. This is the biggest lesson for me – and something I imagine I will have to remind myself of often.
  3. Plans cannot work if you don’t wholeheartedly commit. No more excuses! If you want it in your heart of hearts, make it happen. No one else will do it for you.

Now, I do realize that some of my lessons overlap. For me, this means that I need to really focus on those areas of my life this year. Yet again, bringing clarity into my world.

I’d love to hear what your lessons were. Just leave a comment and we can all get inspired and encourage each other.

Step 6: 2013 Vision

This is where it starts to all come together. We still aren’t to the point to set goals, but this is where you list everything you see for yourself in the next year. Actually, anything you strive for period. Don’t put a time limit on it – that’s part of the appeal of goals versus resolutions, right?

2013 vision do more

A few pieces of my vision:

  • Be healthier
  • Give more
  • Sing, dance and laugh more often
  • Get more involved
  • Stop worrying
  • Focus on and make time for what matters
  • Be more creative
  • Less clutter
  • New experiences – travel, read, meet, explore

When I look back on my life, I want to be able to say that I was giving, loving, positive, took chances, created things, lived with purpose, had a strong and close relationship with God, my husband and my family, worked hard, had fun and more. I also want to teach my children all of these things someday (a far off someday, friends). My 2013 vision and goals need to help me take steps, no matter how small, to work toward all of this.

Step 7: Say NO

This step identifies things that you will say “no” to this year. Things that will NOT help you achieve your vision. Things that don’t align with your end goals. What could hold you back from your vision?

For me this includes, comparing myself to others, complaining, making excuses, being complacent or lazy, junk food, being negative, sleeping in and taking the easier, less purposeful path; among many other things.

Step 8: Say YES

What will you say “yes” to that will keep you on track? What will help you stay positive and breathe life into your vision?

I’m saying YES to:

Learning, creativity, relationship investment, conversation, laughing, dancing, being goofy, resting, hiking and being outside more, running, getting into an exercise routine, reading more (books, news, Bible), healthy eating, quality time, less social media, more phone calls, writing snail mail, giving, and much, much more.

BONUS Time!! Lara challenged everyone to choose a word for 2013. This should be something that, in steps one through eight, really stood out and resonated with you. This took me a few days to zero in on, but once I did, it felt amazing. This is not only my word for 2013, but an essential part of my mantra! Are you ready??

Well, stay tuned friends and next week, I’ll share my word and goals for 2013.

Don’t forget to share your progress and thoughts, I’d love to hear them!

xoxo- Jenn


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