DIY: Party Cone Stand

Happy Thursday lovelies!

I’ve decided to start DIY Thursdays every few weeks. I’m a lover of crafting and am striving to get more creative this year, so what better way to push myself than sharing with all of you? The next few weeks I’ll be sharing some of my Valentine’s party goodies as I prepare for our party.

In an attempt to make the food presentation a bit more exciting, I’m planning to serve fries in fair-style cones. This means I needed to come up with some way to display them, right? Enter today’s DIY…

I started with a shoebox, brown packing paper, scissors, and glue.


Cut circles in the top of the box to fit your cones and cover the box in the paper, then decorate! (you could also cover it in fabric)


To make the cones, I just got some scrapbook paper (thin, not cardstock) and cut them into a fan shape. Then, I did the same with wax paper so that I can reuse them another time and keep the paper pretty.

                IMG_0151 IMG_0203

…and VOILA — a beautiful serving cone stand! The best part is that you can always change up what is on the box and reuse it if need be.


Happy crafting, friends!

xoxo- Jenn

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